Signs That A WordPress Refresh Is Needed

By Vincent Aguirre
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A brand-new website is responsive, beautiful, appealing, and modern. But, it will not stay that way for long without regular maintenance and the occasional design refresh. In fact, if you have been using the same WordPress site for more than a year or two, chances are it needs an update. Here is a look at some of the most important signs that WordPress support is necessary to modernize and refresh the look of your site.

Lack Of Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile Responsive WordPress design

Having a website that delivers an incredible experience on any screen is no longer optional. About 25 percent of consumers only access the Internet through mobile devices, and among local searches, more than 50 percent occur on mobile devices.

Not having a mobile responsive design can, therefore, lead to lost consumers and sales. Google penalizes websites that lack a mobile responsive design, and so do consumers, who abandon poorly performing websites in droves.

If your WordPress site is not mobile responsive, or if you are not sure whether it is or not, your site needs an update. A WordPress developer can help you create a site that performs equally well on every type of screen.


Old Content

WordPress site content

Content is the backbone of your website, and of your search engine optimization efforts. Old content can undermine both.

If a quick perusal of your site reveals calendar events that happened last month (or last year), blog posts about products you no longer sell, or videos that require the use of Flash to view, then you need an upgrade.

Just make sure not to delete old blog posts without a careful content audit. Even old material can sometimes provide value, or be revamped to make it fresh and relevant. The best approach is to ask an experienced digital marketing professional to review your content and make recommendations for improving it.

Outdated Branding

On target branding

If your business has changed but your website has not, you will need to bring your web design in line with your new brand. Even a change as simple as a tweak to your logo will require updates on your website so consumers know the real you as soon as they land on your site.

Changes to your brand are not the only business updates that should be reflected on your site. Whenever you find a new target audience to reach or develop a new product to sell, you will need to make sure that your website reflects those changes.

Difficult Navigation

WordPress support navigation

One way to tell if your website requires some WordPress support to undergo a refresh is to listen to feedback from within your company and from your consumers. If visitors are finding it difficult to pinpoint important information, complete purchases, or find the products they need, you may need to rethink your navigation. Intuitive navigation is a cornerstone of a positive user experience, and happy customers. Any successful website needs to have it.

SEO Struggles

SEO on WordPress

Tracking your rankings in the search results is an important way to gauge the effectiveness of your website. If you are accustomed to seeing your WordPress web pages showing up on page 2 of the search results for certain search terms, and you begin to see them dropping to the 3rd or 4th page, you may have a website problem.

Identifying the exact cause of your rankings drops is not always straightforward. You may need the assistance of a digital marketing or WordPress support professional to help you pinpoint the cause of these rankings drops. However, one cause is often an outdated website that is failing to meet consumer needs or position your business as a leader in your desired keywords.

Cluttered Pages

Clean WordPress web design

Modern web design is sleek and appealing, with ample white space that highlights the elements that are included on the page. If your site instead sports numerous images, outdated links, or intrusive popups, it may be time for a refresh. Bringing your WordPress site design into line with modern trends and proven best practices can boost the performance of your site and make it more appealing to website visitors.

Long Load Times

WordPress loading

Page load speed has long been recognized as an essential driver of conversions and user satisfaction. Your pages should load in less than 3 seconds. If they do not, then they may be loaded down with inefficient code, excessive images, or images that are too large.

Run a quick test of your load speeds to identify problem areas. Then, implement time-saving measures (such as compressing images) to speed up your WordPress site, earn more visitors, and make more sales.

High Bounce Rate

Website bounce rates

Bounce rate is a term that refers to the percentage of website visitors who quickly leave your site after landing on a page. The higher the bounce rate, the more poorly your website is performing. High bounce rates indicate both subpar user experience and potential SEO consequences from search engines. If you find that your site has a high bounce rate, consider a site refresh to improve user experience and appeal so that visitors want to spend more time on your website.

Outdated Images

WordPress images

The images on your website are often the first things that your website visitors see. If these images are outdated, they make your website look outdated, too.

Outdated images can be anything from seasonal images leftover from the last holiday to generic stock photos to pictures of team members from 10 years ago.

Get rid of all your outdated images for a fresh look that portrays the professional and modern business you are.

Missing Contact Information

WordPress support contact info

While it may seem obvious to keep your contact information updated, it is easy to change a phone number or email address and never update it on your site. Check your contact information, and consider a site refresh if important data is missing.

Every site will require a refresh occasionally. Know when to recognize the need for one on your own site. If you do find that your WordPress site needs an update, or if you would like WordPress support to keep your site up to date, let us know. We provide the customized WordPress development and WordPress maintenance services small businesses need to stand out.

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