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Nail Your Landing Page with These Tips

Apr 19, 2019 4:14:57 PM / by Vincent Aguirre

If you are running any kind of digital marketing campaign (and you should be), you are going to need landing pages. These are the pages on your website where people go when they click on your digital marketing ads and links. As a result, they are the first impression many people get of your business.

Make it a good one with landing pages designed to impress. There are a few specific things that really help to stick your digital marketing landing...page, that is. Here they are.

Feature a compelling call to action.

Your landing page has one job: To convert visitors to paying customers. As a result, your page needs to focus on one thing: Your call to action (CTA). This phrase or sentence tells your website visitors what the next step is you want them to take. Ideally, it guides them to the next step in your marketing funnel.

Because the CTA describes what you want your landing page visitors to do, it needs to be (1 Compelling and (2 The focus of your page.

To make your CTA compelling, you need to use simple action words. For example, say you want visitors to click through to your product pages to take advantage of an Easter sale. A good CTA would say something like “Check out our sales items” or even just “Shop now.”

To make your CTA the focus of your page, it needs to be front and center. This means that placement, colors, and fonts need to drive visitors’ eyes to the CTA button on the landing page. Once they see it, then they can click on it and continue down the sales funnel.

Stick to the essentials.

It can be easy to add a lot of features to a landing page. This is your chance to impress people who might not give your site a second glance if you don't catch their attention right away. Why not add everything you can to the page?

The answer is because a hodge podge of stuff will confuse the visitor. Instead of being driven toward your call to action, they will be distracted. And that means you may never get the response you want from your landing page, or your digital marketing campaign.

Instead, focus on sticking to the essentials on your landing page. What are the essentials? Anything that directly contributes to the main point of the page (i.e. Your call to action). For example, for a page describing your Easter sales, you will want a relevant headline, copy describing the sales, the CTA, and a relevant image or two.

What is not essential would be a navigation bar, a description of your business, links to any products that are not included in your sale, or a description of any other sales you have going on. Cut out the nonessentials; embrace the essentials, and stick a landing that encourages visitors to engage with your business.

Create a relevant headline and content.

You may know this from creating the content for your digital marketing ads. However, one of the first things that people will notice about your landing page is the headline. Make sure that headline keeps them reading by writing something that is relevant to the ad that brought the visitor in and to the rest of the landing page.

Then, make sure that the rest of your content also meshes with what was promised in the digital marketing ad. For example, if your ad promised people 40 percent off select housewares on your website, then your headline should immediately reference that discount. In addition, your ad copy should clearly discuss this discount, and the items to which it applies.

When your headline and landing page copy reiterate and expand upon what was promised in your digital marketing ad, you enjoy much greater interest and engagement from page visitors, who will continue to dig into your site to learn more about the topic that brought them there in the first place.

Describe the benefits of your landing page topic.

One of the essential elements of your landing page is a description of the benefits of your landing page's topic. This is your chance to expand upon the promises you made in your digital marketing ad copy.

For example, think about the benefits of using your 40 percent off sale. Can your customers prepare for frugally for Easter? Can they now afford those gifts their loved ones would appreciate? Can they purchase more of something they already planned to buy? How will their lives improve by taking advantage of this sale?

Talk about those advantages on your landing page. Just make sure to keep things short, sweet, and to the point so your visitors don't get distracted or bored while they read.

Landing pages are your chance to turn your digital marketing into engaged customers. The right landing page will deliver a compelling call to action, stick to the essentials, create a relevant headline and content, and describe the benefits of the landing page topic. Do those things, and you will enjoy a landing page that converts, and a digital marketing campaign that delivers the results you need. Don't hesitate to reach out to Distinct to get the help you need creating a digital marketing campaign, and landing pages, the work for your business.

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Vincent Aguirre

Written by Vincent Aguirre

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