High Website Costs in Indiana and How to Find the Best Price

By Vincent Aguirre

There are a number of options out there for building a website, but the costs tend to vary quite a bit in Indiana if you plan to choose a local company. However, the options for finding the right price for your unique website needs are plentiful. This is a good thing, but it can be a bit overwhelming to try and pick the best option for your unique needs, whether that is a business website, a personal blog, and e-commerce shop, etc.

If you want to build your own website with ease but don’t want to sacrifice cost or value, you’re in luck. We’ve put together an in-depth guide to all the different options available and their pros and cons, as well as their unique price points. We’ll take a look at DIY products, online brans, local agencies, and e-agencies and which option could be the best for you.

Let’s start things off by looking at DIY products.


Using DIY Products for Building Your Website


DIY products like Wix or Weebly are currently popular options as website builders. Both of these tools have some pretty handy use cases. You can access a simple drag-and-drop website builder with Weebly that is perfect if you're not exactly a developer, and Wix sports a slightly more complex (but still easy to use) website builder with hundreds of customizable templates available. Both platforms offer a free plan, but the real value comes with a paid membership. You'll get an ad-free experience, and email client, and a website domain name with both paid memberships. Wix starts at $14 and Weebly starts at $5 per month.

unfortunately, both of these platforms have their downsides that could make them not very viable as website builders. Wix, in particular, is kind of pricey. While Weebly is less expensive, you don't really get as excellent of a support experience as you would by going through a local platform. Just as well, it can be difficult to try and change your initial template on Wix and the loading speeds tend to be less than ideal, which can be an issue if you want a low bounce rate. Weebly, on the other hand, has extremely limited design flexibility that tends to come with simplified drag-and-drop platforms. If you're very particular about how your website should look, Weebly can be difficult to use. E-commerce business owners will be disappointed to learn that they won't be able to go global with their website, as Weebly's platform is difficult to suit with multiple languages and SEO add-ons, which are necessary for businesses entering the global market.


Using Online Brands for Building Your Website


Outside of DIY website builders, you have to option to use online brands to build your website. Two popular examples of this option is RevLocal and Hibu. These platforms focus more on helping you create a custom website in conjunction with social marketing.

With Hibu, you can design a "smart" site that is highly responsive and easy to implement with marketing and SEO tactics. This platform is an excellent option for those who don't want to take on the task of building their website on their own like they would with a DIY builder. In fact, Hibu's experts will take on the task for you. RevLocal will similarly take on your website and also provide an account manager and marketing plan.

As with most things, these platforms aren't perfect. To start, they're both quite pricey for what you get. Hibu's price range falls between $99 and $449 upfront with an additional monthly rate of $99 to $159. RevLocal is also quite pricey, but their pricing is a bit more mysterious and on a quote basis only. However, many of the reported costs for using this service are over $350 at a minimum. Both platforms have their own issues that are common with most online brands that build websites and outsource your marketing. Hibu is not ideal for e-commerce websites that want to sell more than ten products and the design customization options for your website are quite limited. RevLocal similarly lacks some features, such as real-time reporting, unlimited engagement, etc.


Using Large eAgencies for Building Your Website


Many of the massive marketing enterprises out there are excellent, don't get us wrong. For the most part, you can enjoy a number of service packages that essentially outsource everything involved in running your website. These packages include features such as website design and development, product uploading, full marketing plans, SEO options, analytics and reporting, etc. All of these excellent features can be enjoyed under one single all-in-one platform and the customer service tends to be excellent.

So what's the problem? Well, these large enterprises didn't get where they are by providing cheap services. In fact, you can expect to spend thousands of dollars on their services on a monthly basis, and many large e-agencies will charge an upfront fee that can be quite hefty as well. You also won't get as much control and one-on-one assistance as you would with a local agency.


Using Local Agencies for Building Your Website


There are a ton of excellent local agencies in Indiana that provide website building services for an affordable price. In addition to excellent (though varied) pricing, local businesses also tend to be much better in terms of providing customer services, providing one-on-one meetings to discuss your unique website needs, and working with you to provide a personalized experience.

Distinct is one excellent local option for Crawfordsville residents who want to build their website, but also want some excellent bells and whistles. Founded back in 2013, Distinct has be focusing on supporting small businesses and the local Greencastle and Crawfordsville community for years. Distinct would be a great choice for business owners who want to build an informative hub for their brand or build an e-commerce site. In particular, this platform specializes in helping businesses that have been established for at least five years, earn around $500,000 in revenue each year, and invest around 5-20% of their revenue into marketing endeavors. If this sounds like you, Distinct could be perfect for your unique needs. Other local options won’t offer things like a dedicated advisor, a team of specialists, or a conversion based design model, but Distinct is focused on providing them all. Just as well, Distinct is quite affordable.

In Terre Haute, Exito Interactive is an excellent local option for not only website design, but also additional marketing consultations. If you want an innovative web design experience, this is a great platform to consider.

One great website design business to consider in Bloomington is August Road. This web design and creative consultation firm has won awards for their working in graphic design. For those who want to have their website built for them but also need some consultant help when it comes to UX, content creation, social media, and SEO, August Road is a great website building agency to go with.

While all of these different choices have their own unique benefits, you really can't get the best value of a website builder or design service outside of local agencies. Not only is their customer service better, but you’ll get better pricing from a local company compared to massive online brands or e-agencies.

How was our guide to finding the right price and source to build a website? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.


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