Creative Social Media Marketing Ideas

By Vincent Aguirre

Social media marketing offers you the opportunity to expand your reach and increase engagement among your customers. It also requires lots of content. Some platforms, like Facebook, must be updated multiple times a week. Other platforms, like Twitter, should be updated several times a day.

If it sounds hard to create original content that frequently, that's because it is. You need a little creativity to help you keep the content fresh and abundant. Let us help. Here are just a few cool ideas for social media marketing content to get you started.

Social Media Marketing Idea 1: Giveaways/Contests

Everyone loves the chance to win something. Tap into that impulse by offering your audiences giveaways and contests. You can choose to keep the reward small (i.e. a small gift card to your store) or go all out with a big prize (i.e. a $1,000 gift card, new smartphone, etc.).

The best giveaways and contests encourage engagement with your brand. For example, have people comment on your Facebook wall, or use your hashtag in their own social media posts, in order to be eligible for the prize.

You can have your giveaway or contest do double duty by encouraging your audiences to create content for your social media platform. For example, have people send in photos of themselves using your products for posting to Instagram. Then you have content pre-made for your platform and you have audiences engaging with your brand.

Social Media Marketing Idea 2: Live Videos

Live videos are extremely popular among Facebook users. In fact, accounts that use them grow 70 percent faster than those that do not. Consider leveraging this popularity for your own brand by posting your own live videos.

Need ideas for content for those live videos? Try giving a backstage tour of your company. Do a live tutorial on how to put together a bouquet. Discuss a hot topic. By going live, you create an authentic and relatable method of engaging with your target audience.

Social Media Marketing Idea 3: Leveraging of Existing Content

If you already have some pretty awesome content on hand, you can put it to work on your social media platforms. Don't worry; when done right, reusing content will drive traffic to your website, not bore your target audiences.

For example, say you have a blog post on tips for arranging flowers. Turn it into a how-to video for Facebook, or pull a quote from it for Twitter, with a link to the blog.

Other forms of content can also be repurposed for your social media marketing campaign. Consider teasing videos on your site with snippets on social media or placing photos on Instagram to drive people to your website where you have more information on the topic or product.

Social Media Marketing Idea 4: Customer Testimonials

Today, people tend to believe what others have to say about a brand more than they trust what the brand has to say about itself. This means that the more you can get people talking positively about your brand the more likely people will be to view your brand positively.

One way to create content for your social media marketing campaign and leverage customer testimonials is to post these testimonials on social media.

You can interview customers and post the transcripts and photos on social media. Alternatively, you can create videos of customers talking positively about your brand. Either format will make a compelling addition to your social media marketing campaign by showing potential customers that other people have benefited from your business.

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. If you want to dig deeper into how to create a compelling social media marketing campaign, do not hesitate to reach out to Distinct Web Design. We can help you develop a presence on social media that is engaging and persuasive for your target audiences.

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