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Clicks Count: Why Digital Marketing Matters

Oct 24, 2018 11:31:00 AM / by Vincent Aguirre

When I first started this adventure into digital marketing, I knew I wanted to focus on local businesses. There’s something incredibly satisfying about helping out one’s own local community. Small business owners are sometimes unaware of the wide range of benefits that digital marketing affords them. Regardless of industry or location, digital marketing will be a boon to your business. We live and work in a digital age, and digital marketing works. Let it work for you.

Clean Web Design

Anyone can throw up a website and post their content on it, but crafting a good website is rather more complicated. Users need to be able to access your webpage and access the information they need. If visitors have to scroll around to find what they need, you’re going to lose out on valuable traffic.

Marketing Funnel for Butcher Shop Results

Imagine you’re window shopping on a busy street. How likely are you to buy something if the shop is dark, confusing, and difficult to navigate? You’re probably going to run straight to the major retailer with the better layout, right?

Your webpage is your store. One of our clients, a local butcher and deli shop, experienced 139.11% increase in revenue after implementing a digital marketing campaign!

Keep your online presence simple and clean and watch as users start piling in.

Geotargeted Ad Campaigns

Local geotargeted ad campaigns get your message out in the community. The benefits are hard to best—remember that local butcher and deli shop? They enjoyed a 164.71% increase in the number of transactions after working with our agency.

Local awareness ads are immensely powerful tools in any small business’s toolbox. You’ll get more new visitors, and you’ll retain those high-value customers that are the core of so many local businesses enterprises.

Accessible Customer Reviews

If there’s one thing every local business needs, it’s a legitimate digital footprint. Online reviews of your business immediately catapult you to the fore of your particular market. Reviews are a way to instantly boost your perceived legitimacy in the eyes of your customers. Companies that engage with customers on social media in an honest and transparent way reap serious dividends. I like to tell our clients that a few pages of good reviews can do more for your business in a minute than traditional advertising can do in a month.

Florist Marketing Funnel Results

Think of the last time you searched for a local business or service. I’d bet good money that a search result with positive customer reviews grabbed your eye! That’s the sort of effect digital marketing can have on your business. Maximizing your business’s exposure to a wide range of customers helps build a legitimate online digital footprint. It’s not just beneficial, it’s necessary.

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Vincent Aguirre

Written by Vincent Aguirre

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