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Business Advertising New Year's Resolutions to Make Right Now

Dec 27, 2018 6:49:27 AM / by Vincent Aguirre

The New Year is the perfect time to make changes in your life. As a business owner, you may want to focus less on losing weight and eating healthier and more on making changes that will help your business thrive in 2019. Here are a few business advertising strategies to make right now, and ideas for making sure you stick with them.

Trim the fat from your business advertising endeavors.

Every dollar counts when you are running a business, so stop wasting so many of them on business advertising strategies that don't work. We're looking at radio spots that may or may not reach your target audience, Google AdWords campaigns that are hit or miss, and overpriced banner advertising.

Instead, resolve this year to trim the fat from your business advertising by adopting digital marketing strategies that are both affordable and effective. Find a digital marketing professional (like Distinct Web Design) who can help you build buyer personas, create targeted AdWords campaigns, develop effective social media marketing, and more to achieve business advertising that works, and that actually fits within your budget.

Start thinking local with your business advertising.

If your ads for your Greencastle business are showing up in front of people from California you had better (1 Be able to ship out there or (2 start adopting a local business advertising strategy.

For most small businesses, option 2 is going to be the logical choice. After all, Bay Staters aren't likely to want flowers from a Greencastle florist or dinner from a Greencastle restaurant, and showing your ads to such a far flung audience is just a waste of marketing dollars (see resolution 1 above).

Instead, start adopting targeted business advertising. For example, think about local search engine optimization (SEO). Geotarget your Google AdWords campaign to your preferred area. Adopt social media. And start enjoying local advertising that leads to more inquiries from people who actually live close enough to patronize your business.

Get the most out of your Google AdWords campaign.

If your business advertising needs some sprucing up after the holidays, you may want to start with your Google AdWords campaign. After all, unless you are already working with a certified Google Partner, you may be missing out on features that make it more effective.

As a result, get the to a Google Partner (like Distinct) and start getting more out of your Google AdWords campaign. What does that look like? More effective ad copy, better targeting, access to the best strategies and beta testing, and prompt customer support when you need it.

New Year's is right around the corner. Resolve this year to make the most of your business advertising efforts with more efficient spend ding, local advertising, and a better Google AdWords campaign. And let Distinct help you reach your goals. We have a track record of improving the websites and advertising strategies of small businesses. Give us a try.

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Vincent Aguirre

Written by Vincent Aguirre

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