10 Good Reasons To Embrace Custom WordPress Development

By Vincent Aguirre


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One of the reasons for WordPress' runaway popularity is the tens of thousands of themes and plugins it makes available to its users. These features allow users to set up a basic, functioning website within a few minutes.

However, for users who want more than basic functionality, WordPress also allows for custom development. While admittedly a lengthier, and more expensive, project upfront, custom WordPress development is the best choice for businesses looking for functionality, security, and uniqueness that will serve them over the long-term.

Improved Speed


WordPress Speed

Bloat in the form of inefficient coding, large images, or other issues, is the enemy of load speed. Long load times are the enemy of customer satisfaction, customer conversion, and even SEO success.

Custom WordPress development improves page load speed by reducing the amount of bloat in your templates.

Your WordPress developer will build the features you need into your site using efficient coding that minimizes load speed and reduces the overall size of the page.

Your developer can also use best practices to compress images and reduce the number of images your site uses. The result? A compelling and beautiful website that also loads quickly and efficiently.

Streamlined Features


WordPress Custom Design Features

Premade themes or plugins tend to incorporate as many features as possible in order to appeal to as many customers as possible.

While many features make a theme sound good on paper, you may find that it offers TOO MANY features if you cannot use everything it offers.

Too many features add page-slowing bloat, and complex coding. As a result, excessive features make it harder to customize the theme to your needs. When you need to adapt the theme, you have to deal with coding issues that interfere with your ability to quickly create the look and functionality you need for your site.

A custom theme, on the other hand, is designed specifically for your business. It contains only the features you need. As a result, it delivers functionality that boosts your website's appeal while minimizing load speeds and maximizing ease of use.

Unique Look


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About 94 percent of consumers report that the reason they do not trust a particular website is because of its design. Not its copy or messaging. Its design.

If you want to earn the attention and trust of your potential customers, you have to have the right look.

That is why you need a unique, branded design that your target audience will love. Premiere themes look good, but they do not stand out.

Custom WordPress development, on the other hand, delivers a look that is tailored to your brand and the message you want to send to your consumers. With a professional designer involved, your website benefits from the combination of images, words, white space, widgets, and other features that sends the right message to consumers, at a single glance.

Improved Performance


wordpress performance

If you have ever installed an update on your computer, only to have it crash, or installed software, only to encounter problems, then you know the frustration that bugs can cause.

Premade WordPress themes are more likely to have bugs than are custom-designed themes. Why? Because these themes are often written quickly in order to begin earning profits for the developer or the company for whom they work.

A professional WordPress developer, on the other hand, will take the time necessary to write high-quality code. Efficient, streamlined, and tested, this code will usually be free of major problems.

When you choose custom WordPress development, you receive high-quality work that you can rely upon. As a result, you enjoy a website with more uptime and fewer problems than a website created with premade, and often hastily created, themes and plugins.

Ongoing Support


WordPress supportCustom WordPress development by a professional WordPress developer usually includes ongoing support for your website.

Ongoing WordPress support gives you access to professional assistance when problems arise. More than that, it gives you access to preventative maintenance that catches problems before they become major issues.

With ongoing support, you never have to troubleshoot your own problems or take time out of your schedule to do maintenance. That means you have greater peace of mind as you focus on the important parts of running your business.

Built-In SEO


WordPress SEO

Optimizing your website to show up in the search results is an important step in winning brand recognition and website traffic.

Cookie cutter WordPress websites may include some SEO elements. However, in order to create a website where every page is optimized for your brand, you need a custom design.

Your WordPress developer should use SEO best practices, such as optimizing URLs and metadata and maximizing page load speed, when creating your site.

As a result, your custom site should deliver better SEO results than a premade theme. The result? A custom built WordPress website that delivers better traffic and more conversions.

Fewer Plugins


WordPress Plugin Design

Plugins are a valuable tool when building your WordPress site. They add important functionality that can enhance your core theme.

However, plugins also require ongoing WordPress support and can potentially add security weaknesses to your site.

Add in the need to keep them compatible with the rest of your site and the potential they have for adding unnecessary functionality to your site, and limiting the number of plugins you use begins to look like a smart strategy.

Custom WordPress development allows you to limit the number of plugins you use by incorporating the functionality you need into the core website itself.

With more functionality included in the core, you need to install fewer plugins. Fewer plugins lead to a leaner, faster, and more secure site that is easier to support.

Greater Scalability


Custom WordPress Development Scalability

Your business may be small right now, but it will grow. Plan for that growth by building scalability into your WordPress site.

The easiest way to create a scalable site is to use a custom WordPress developer. Instead of loading your site with complex coding and extra functions, your custom site is lightweight and agile.

As a result, adding functionality later on is a less complex process. You can also write code that allows for the addition of functionality as your needs grow (i.e. By adding blogs, products, and so forth).

With a custom site, you are well-positioned to handle the growth that your business deserves and that you are working toward.

Strong Security


Custom WordPress Security

Chances are, your WordPress site will handle a great deal of sensitive information. This is especially the case with e-commerce websites that manage customers' personal payment information.

The most secure way to build your WordPress website is to customize it. Cookie cutter sites are generally secure. However, if the developer fails to update them, they may become vulnerable to security breaches. In addition, popular templates may attract the attention of hackers who will exploit any vulnerabilities they find.

When you hire a developer to customize your site and deliver WordPress support, you also have the opportunity to customize your site security. You can even build in specialized security features, including creating a site that meets HIPPA or other specific security requirements.

Improved Development Experience


Custom WordPress Development Experience

Premade themes tend to be impersonal. The developer who created the theme or template for many customers. They may not be invested in supporting the many customers they gain. You may be able to receive updates and WordPress support from them, but you may not.

With a custom WordPress developer, you enjoy a much more personalized development experience.

Your WordPress developer, for example, will be invested in building a site specifically for your needs. With fewer customers, they will have more time to devote to your WordPress support.

Once your site is complete your developer can also devote time to supporting and maintaining your WordPress site. They will be more likely to answer the phone when you call and more willing to troubleshoot any issues that arise.

With greater responsiveness and availability, they will deliver a better development experience.

A custom WordPress design might be just what your website needs. Find out if improved speed, functionality, support, security, and more are right for your website.

Our guess is that these features will make any additional cost well worth it to build a website that has all the features and functionality you need. Simpler code and efficient performance can create a website that is a pleasure to use.

Then, look for the right WordPress developer. Our support and development services are designed to build and maintain a website that truly works for your business.

Reach out to Distinct today to learn more. Our services, from design to digital marketing are tailored to clients' specific needs because we understand small business and we want you to thrive.


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